" You can tell so much about a person by the way they leave you "

Fuck love. I just wanna fuck, honestly.

Anonymous: So you're assuming just bc of a couple bad relationships nobody wants you. Don't think like that, you'll find someone that'll love ever inch of you inside and out. Just give it time who knows it might be next week, next year or 7 years from now must be passionate. You're really worth it I fucking promise. You're so beautiful and intelligent. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Just do you and slay. Keep your head up.

I don’t even fucking care about finding anyone anymore. I just wanna be happy or die now. I only really have every fully wanted one person and that shit didn’t work out. Especially doesn’t help that he doesn’t give a shit. Other than that, fuck everyone else, I’ve come to realize most guys ain’t shit and I could care less.
Thanks though, you seem like a super cool person. You can feel free to come off anon if you ever want to.

I’m not worth the fight. & that’s been proven plenty this whole year.